The 3 Vital Skill sets All Successful CISOs Need

CISOs find themselves in a challenging position, but one that’s also full of opportunities. An August 2019 Wipro report found a global shift in organizations starting to treat cybersecurity as the mission-critical priority it is—and that means a lot more involvement between CISOs and CEOs, with one in five CISOs now reporting directly to the CEO.

So for CISOs, the pressure is on. It’s also time to shine. How does the modern CISO deliver the operational processes that will ensure cybersecurity programs are followed company-wide while at the same time communicating the efficacy of those programs to the rest of the C-suite?

In this webcast, hear from industry experts Tim Erlin (Tripwire VP of Product Management and Strategy) and Thom Langford (experienced CISO and Founder of (TL)2 Security Ltd) as they discuss the top traits needed by successful CISOs today. Participants will come away from the webcast with a deeper understanding of these three fundamental CISO skill sets:

  • Understanding the business and its financial strategies
  • What specific areas of technical discipline you need to succeed today
  • The soft skills that make a great CISO and how to hone them

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Thom Langford
Founder of (TL)2 Security Ltd

Tim Erlin

Tim Erlin
VP, Product Management

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