Watch What Happens When Your Cybersecurity Tools Join Forces

Have you ever wished your FIM and VM solutions could talk to each other? Join Tripwire product expert Rod Musser on Tuesday, May 21st at 10 a.m. PT for our first ever webcast on the benefits of VM-FIM integration. Get up to speed with the most granular risk scores and lowest false positive rates on the market in a quick intro to Tripwire® IP360™.

Then we'll walk you through setting up one of the richest integration capabilities of FIM and VM: scanning on change. Rather than allowing time to pass between a detected change and a scheduled VM scan, you’ll learn how to automate a triggered scan the moment suspicious changes occur.

In addition to fixing vulnerabilities faster with scanning on change, participants will also learn about:

  • Mitigating zero-day attack risks
  • Container discovery and monitoring
  • Enhanced DevSecOps techniques

Reserve your spot today. See you there!


Rod Musser

Rod Musser
Principal Product Manager

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