What's Hiding On Your ICS Network?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 - 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

Do you know what's on your ICS network? Join Tripwire industrial cybersecurity experts Zane Blomgren and Robert Landavazo on February 26th for a virtual tour of the first cohesive solution providing visibility, monitoring, and threat mitigation across the complete OT landscape.

Tripwire® Industrial Visibility, which includes Tripwire Log Center®, analyzes network traffic and conducts deep packet inspection. It’s fluent in over 40 of the native industrial protocols commonly found in ICS, making sense of the floods of data produced by your range of IIoT-connected devices.

Tripwire Industrial Visibility uses a strategic combination of active, passive, and hybrid data collection methods that ensures sensitive industrial networks, systems, and their associated controllers and I/O stay up and running during monitoring. Unlike traditional vulnerability management and secure configuration monitoring products, it uses no-touch sensing when legacy systems could otherwise be adversely impacted when polled.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Accurately map your ICS network
  • Find and fix vulnerabilities without interrupting operations
  • Anticipate attack vectors with proactive threat modeling

We look forward to seeing you there!


Time [GMT] Session
9:00 am
Introduction & Tales of a Data Breach Survivor: Real World Tips, Tricks and Advice
9:30 am
Foundational Enterprise Cyber Security Assurance
9:45 am
Five Breaches in 15 Minutes
10:00 am
Batten Down the Patches: How prioritising vulnerabilities could have saved the NHS from WannaCry
10:15 am
Fifty Shades of FIM: The true intent of File Integrity Monitoring
10:30 am
Brace Yourselves, The EU GDPR Is Coming: Are You Ready?
10:45 am
How to Better Protect Your Organisation with Essential Security Controls
11:00 am
Get Ahead Of Changes In Application Security
11:30 am
Herding Pets & Cattle: Extending Foundational Controls into the Cloud
11:45 am

Robert Landavazo

Systems Engineer - Tripwire, Inc.

Robert is a Systems Engineer at Tripwire where he focuses on helping customers secure their Industrial Control Systems. He has a background in in the electric utility sector, most recently working to implement a NERC Critical Infrastructure (CIP) internal compliance program leveraging Tripwire’s own product suite.

Zane Blomgren

Senior Security Engineer - Tripwire, Inc.

Zane is a Senior Security Engineer at Tripwire. During his 14-year tenure at Tripwire, he has served a number of roles including Pre-sales Engineer and Post-sales Professional Services Consultant. With over 20 years of cyber security experience, Zane has been called on to help build foundational security controls and assist after cyberattacks have started, at companies around the globe.