True Cost of Cheap FIM

July 20, 2017 - 11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) first cropped up in 2001, when VISA released a security specification that would eventually become the PCI Data Security Standard. FIM is technology that monitors and detects changes in files that can lead to increased cyber-risk—but many organizations have lost sight of its intent and spirit.

For these organizations, FIM means noise: too many changes, no context around these changes, and very little insight into whether or not a given detected change poses a security risk or is just business-as-usual. FIM is a critical security control in the fight against data compromise; however, a true FIM tool must provide improved insight and actionable intelligence.

Join Christopher Beier, Sr. Product Marketing Manager from Tripwire, and learn how to:

  • Spotlight changes that help IT and Security focus on what matters
  • Gain real-time intelligence to quickly address trouble spots with actionable integrity data
  • Achieve deeper insights and reduce the guesswork about what happened, when and by whom
  • Manage smart integrations to save time auditing your change control processes


Time [PST] Session
8:00 am
Welcome & Update on Tripwire Security Innovation

Gus Malezis, Tripwire President

8:30 am
Hiding in Plain Sight: Protect Against Bad Hashes

Katherine Brocklehurst, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Dayne Cantu, Federal Systems Engineer

9:00 am
Highlight Changes of Interest to Thwart Emerging Breaches

Ed Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and William Muschetto, Systems Security Engineer

9:30 am
IT Operations Enables Security and Compliance

Dave Miklasevich, Product Marketing Manager, and William Muschetto, Systems Security Engineer

10:00 am
Expand Your Threat Intelligence

Tripwire Enterprise and Cisco ThreadGrid

10:30 am
Customer Success Story

Worldpay, a payment processing company for mail orders, Internet retailers and point-of-sale transactions

Christopher Beier

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Christopher brings impressive security DNA through his 22 years’ experience working for some of the largest cyber security firms in the world. Christopher has deep knowledge and experience in the financial services and online banking security. He is also a 12 year US Navy veteran where he applied IT administration skills to the US submarine corp.